animated3Our slogan; "Life's Best Lit" - what does it mean and why is it our motto?

    When the average person walks into their house they often think first about their kids, or what to have for dinner, and then all the usual things that we have to do and consider everyday of our lives. Lighting however does not usually come into play each day nor is it something we think about when getting home after the work day. Despite the fact that when you walk into the house the first thing you actually do is turn on the lights. Now why is that?

   Let's consider this while we compare it to the clothing fashions we wear. It's an art, an expression of style and taste. It's a statement about who we are. People want to create a style which makes people look and say "Wow!" Illumination is much the same in that it's how we highlight the style and decor in our homes. Creating a feeling and atmosphere which makes us feel comfortable and expresses our lifestyles, making a statement of who we are at home.

   Recently, I had a customer come into our store Ideal Lighting Corp., who had initially just wanted to buy a light bulb for her basement recroom fixture. However when she saw our store for the first time and how bright and stunningly stylish our display fixtures are she decided to take a look around and browse the variety of lighting fixtures available.

   After some time I approached her and offered any help she may need in selecting the right fixture for her particular needs. I invited her to sit with me and go through our catalogues to see more of what was available from our many designer lines and suppliers. During the consultation I asked specific questions to help me best understand her and her families tastes and style. Throughout the conversation I brought out many ideas for her after having determined her homes decor style, color scheme and the project she had in mind.

   Long story short; she decided on the meridian series of fixtures for her entire house. Just remember when considering all aspects of your life, together as a whole or individually, it's all about being able to clearly see and understand the finer details.

   So turn the lights on because ... Life's Best Lit!